Valentine’s Day can be a tough time of year when you’re single, particularly if you aren’t up for shredding photos of your ex in exchange for free chicken wings. However, it can be even tougher in places where the dating scene feels particularly bleak. And it’s true, certain cities are much better than others for singles looking to mingle. So, if you’re curious which side the place you live lands on, this new ranking of the best and worst cities for dating should help clear things up. A new survey from the rental search site Apartment List asked 9, of its users who identified as “single” across the U. Specifically, they asked people to respond to the question, “How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date?

The Best and Worst Cities in the US for Dating

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The result is a window into some of the best and worst cities for black women. According to “ The Status of Black Women in the United States” was led by black women dating back to —and you have perhaps the.

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Cincinnati not a great city for dating, survey says

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After all, it’s regularly billed as one of the most expensive U.S. cities in which Related: Golden Oldies: One in 10 Americans Dating Online is a.

The study is based on criteria that includes percentage of singles ages , population density, and dating venues per capita such as concerts, coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys, etc. We teamed up with AXE Deodorant Bodyspray, which specializes in the dating game, to find out which city is revered as the D. Dating Capital of the U. Yee haw! Austin, Texas, tops the list of best cities to play the dating game.

Is the city you call home the place to find that special someone? Austin, TX 2. Colorado Springs, CO 3.

Sacramento Lands On ‘Worst Cities For Dating’ List

Best cities for interracial dating What are places for interracial couples today? San francisco, dating and worst states and ready to interracial couple or not created equal when petitioning for dating. The top 20 states for dating and this ultimate ranking. Did your family approve urban areas seem to work best and there are not, ca 2.

The southwestern state turns out to be one of the worst for online dating of the highest incomes in the U.S., and fairly high rates of educational attainment.

More than 11, single renters across the country participated in the survey, highlighting 86 metros around the United States. The best on the list? Provo, Utah. Nearly half of the respondents — Provo is joined by Richmond, Va. The satisfaction in dating life drops steadily throughout the top 10 into percentage range in the 30s. Pittsburgh, Denver, Houston, and Grand Rapids, also make an appearance on the top 10 list.

North Port ranked the worst on the list with under 5. Lakeland beat out Deltona, with a roughly 8. Also in the bottom 10? Birmingham, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Harrisburg, Pa. Interestingly, the survey also found that men reported higher levels of satisfaction with dating than women. The women?

Happy Valentine’s Day? Syracuse named the worst city in America for dating

By analyzing survey data from over 11, single renters across the US, Apartment List has determined the best and worst metros for dating. If you had to guess a Utah metro to be ranked at the top of this list, Salt Lake City likely comes to mind. Nearly half Provo is home to scenic mountain views and the esteemed Brigham Young University.

Looking for date ideas?

Using data drawn from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the One relationship category looked at the local dating pool, The worst city in which to recover from divorce turned out to be New York.

As part of a survey among 26, renters in 66 cities over , Apartment List asked singles how satisfied they were with dating opportunities where they live. The cities where the smallest share of respondents said they were ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ satisfied with the dating scene are shown in this infographic, with Palm Bay, FL, scoring the lowest at only This chart shows the share of singles saying they are satisfied with dating opportunities in their city in Check our upcoming releases.

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The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

You may be looking for love in all the wrong places — literally. A new report says it’s not you, it’s where you live. Here’s what the company determined to be the top 10 best cities for singles:. That San Francisco is number one may come as a bit of a surprise.

Harrisburg is not a great city for singles, that’s according to a survey from love, Pittsburgh is ranked as the sixth best city in America for dating.

For single renters looking for love and a new place to call home, these cities are where you may have the most success. In general, cities that have large populations and strong job markets ranked the highest on our list, with plenty of tech hubs taking center stage. Austin held the top spot, with Wondering where you might struggle to find your better-half?

A trio of Eastern cities scored the lowest for dating. Palm Bay, FL was our lowest ranking city with only These results tell two different narratives on how men and women view dating.

Worst dating experiences

If you’re single, looking for a partner in your city can be easy or difficult, depending on a number of factors. WalletHub, the Washington D. San Francisco, while it’s the third most expensive city on the list, ranked three and four for fun and recreation and dating opportunities, respectively, so it grabbed the top spot. The study was done by measuring several factors that have to do with how easy dating can be. The economics of an area, what sort of fun and recreation it offers and dating opportunities were the three categories they used, each given a ranking.

Economics looks at the affordability of the area, like the costs of restaurants and meals, alcoholic drinks, movie costs, taxi costs, housing costs and even haircut and salon costs.

We live in one of the worst cities for dating in the country for the 2nd year in a row. We came in #72 out of 86 metros. The survey is based on.

But how well people overcome the end of a marriage might depend on where they live, according to a new study by the website LendingTree. Using data drawn from the U. The economic category comprised three factors: the median income of divorced people and how it compared with that of other one-income families; homeownership rates among the divorced and the associated costs; and expenses faced by renters. One relationship category looked at the local dating pool, considering the percentage of single people in a given city and the gender balance.

The worst city in which to recover from divorce turned out to be New York, which is expensive and has fewer people, per capita, in the dating pool, according to the study. Minneapolis, with an excellent economic score, topped the list. Milwaukee was next, with excellent remarriage risk-factor scores. Detroit was third, also bolstered by its economic score. So sign the papers and head to the Midwest, perhaps, where the living is easier and the loving is better … according to the study.

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The 10 Best Cities for Single Women

When it comes to real estate it’s all about “location, location, location,” and unsurprisingly, these same factors can affect your romantic life, too. Certain cities attract certain crowds, then there’s the numbers game of putting the odds in your favor. For instance, ratios of gender and single-to-coupled-up folks, general living costs, and sheer population all come into play when determining the best cities to find love.

Other stats included average date costs, nightlife options, and restaurants, coffee shops, and social clubs per capita.

Here, your options for a date are more limited, since the city doesn’t in each city from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey.

Winter is coming to an end, and in many parts of the United States, it’s arguable whether it ever truly arrived. Because of this, narrowing down and ranking our five places that had the worst winter wasn’t as difficult as past winters. We reluctantly had to exclude eastern North Dakota, hammered by a historic October blizzard , and Rapid City, South Dakota, which picked up almost 3 feet more snow than average through mid-March.

It was a strange winter. Arguably the most memorable winter storms occurred in fall, beginning with a record-smashing September blizzard in the northern Rockies, followed weeks later by the aforementioned Dakotas historic October blizzard , then capped off by a weird Halloween snowstorm in the upper Midwest and Rockies. Then, in what is typically the most active time of year, the pace of winter storms slowed to a trickle.

Much of the East had a stunning lack of snow in the core winter months of December through February. Of all the major reporting stations in the Northeast, only Caribou, Maine, near the Canadian border, had a snowfall surplus. We subjectively ranked the worst winter weather relative to what each location is used to. The colder and snowier than average, the better chance it made our list.

But this isn’t a list solely about snow and cold. One location made our top five for a different reason. Marquette averages just over inches of snow each winter.

Where’s the Best Place to Recover From Divorce?

Roses which will be used in a bouquet of flowers rest in water at a florist work station Saturday, Feb. If you’re not having a happy Valentine’s Day, you might live in Syracuse. Less than 15 percent of single people are satisfied with the dating scene in the Salt City, according to a survey of 11, singles in 70 U.

To help America’s singles find love, WalletHub compared more than U.S. cities across 35 key indicators of dating-friendliness. Our data set.

If your online dating experience is more awkward than romantic, maybe you have geography to blame. The southwestern state turns out to be one of the worst for online dating prospects, at least according to this methodology, which looked at dating opportunities, demographics, and safety. According to this data, if you want to find love online, you should head to the Northeast: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine topped the list. That may not be surprising considering the data that went into the calculation—those states have some of the highest incomes in the U.

By contrast, the lowest states on the list, New Mexico and Arkansas, both come out looking pretty bad by those standards. Although those states also have some of the highest violent crime rates , so you might want to do a little extra online sleuthing to background check your dates before you meet up there. New Hampshire 2. Massachusetts 3. Rhode Island 4. Connecticut 5. Maine 6. North Dakota 7. Washington 8.

The best and worst cities for dating