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Following the big holidays of Christmas and New Year’s, the feast of the Epiphany is easily minimized in importance. But it’s actually an older holiday, or holy day, than Christmas, dating back to about A. The day also is sometimes referred to as Twelfth Day, and the night before as Twelfth Night, which reflects its connection with “The Twelve Days of Christmas. The holiday is recognized today in the Lutheran liturgical calendar, as well as in Anglican, Eastern and Roman Catholic churches.

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And for us, Theophany is all about Divine revelation. Basil the Great Archbishop January 1. This holy day is one of the earliest Great Feasts of the Eastern churches, dating back to the 2nd century, with a significance attributed to it greater than Christmas. The literal translation of the word Theophany is manifestation of God.

Servants were masters for the day, a practice dating back to the Roman holiday of Saturnalia. The celebration of the night before Epiphany is known as Twelfth.

For Christians around the world, the official end to the Christmas holiday occurs on Jan. Known as Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas, it commemorates how a star led the Magi, or the three kings or wise men, to the baby Jesus. Countries celebrate on the evening before and on the actual day with parades of decorative floats and people in costume as the kings bearing gifts. The festivities often feature light and music shows, and clowns and jugglers who throw candy to the crowds. In Spain, parents and their children packed city sidewalks on Saturday to watch colorful parades.

The celebrations commemorate the journey that three wise men are said to have taken to present the baby Jesus with gifts. In recent years, security has been tightened in Madrid and Barcelona amid fears of potential terrorist attacks, and large vehicles have been banned from streets near the parade routes. Christmas gifts are traditionally given on Epiphany in Spain and in many Latin American countries.

Children often leave their shoes out overnight to find presents in the morning. An Epiphany parade also took place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The Greek Orthodox Australians celebrated the Holy Epiphany this weekend , and more than 3, people are expected to visit Frankston Waterfront, near Melbourne, on Saturday for the annual Blessing of the Waters. The tradition is also alive and well in Southern California, where whoever finds the baby figurine is responsible for a feast for Candlemas, on Feb.

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We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The feast of Epiphany is held on January 6, the day after Twelfth Night when Christmas officially comes to an end. The night before should be spent taking down all your festive firs and tinsel in order to avoid bad luck. There can be some confusion surrounding when Twelfth Night finishes.

Dating back to medieval times, the Twelfth Cake was an important element in the celebrations for the feast of the Epiphany. It was the custom for each guest at a.

The p roclamation of the date of Easter and the other moveable feasts on Epiphany dates from a time when calendars were not readily available. It was necessary to make known the date of Easter in advance, since many celebrations of the liturgical year depend on its date. The number of Sundays that follow Epiphany, the date of Ash Wednesday, and the number of Sundays that follow Pentecost are all computed in relation to Easter.

Although calendars now give the date of Easter and the other feasts in the liturgical year for many years in advance, the Epiphany proclamation still has value. It is a reminder of the centrality of the resurrection of the Lord in the liturgical year and the importance of the great mysteries of faith which are celebrated each year.

Those dates are found in the table which is included with the introductory documents of the Roman Missal. The form to be used for announcing each dates is: the date of month , e.

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After Sunday Mass at St. Catholics marking their homes with chalk for the Epiphany is a tradition that dates back centuries, signifying their homes are homes where Christ lives. Usually, families gather around the front door of the home, saying a prayer before a family member makes a mark on the doorpost or front of the home.

The feast’s traditional date, January 6, marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas, and celebrates the arrival of the three wise men, or the Magi, in Bethlehem where​.

Each culture that celebrates Epiphany does so in its own unique way. The feast primarily commemorates the coming of the Magi, with only a minor reference to the baptism of Jesus and the miracle at the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine. In traditionally Orthodox countries, the celebrations are usually focused on water activities, baptismal rites and house blessings.

In both traditions, the essence of the feast is the same: the manifestation of Christ to the world. Servants were masters for the day, a practice dating back to the Roman holiday of Saturnalia. The celebration of the night before Epiphany is known as Twelfth Night the first night of Christmas being December and the Twelfth Night January A traditional English dish for Epiphany is Twelfth Cake, a rich, dense fruitcake.

Spicy or hot food items, such as ginger snaps and spiced ale, are considered proper Twelfth Night fare, recalling the costly spices brought by the three wise men. Wood carvings of the Three Kings are a staple of Puerto Rican arts and crafts, and to many, these three saints are representative of Puerto Rican culture as a whole.

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Epiphany Neighborhood Seminary is a personal seminary where people come together to consider God and their relationship with God. This applies to anyone at any stage of life who is on a spiritual journey, where we seek not to know more about God, but to know God. For to know God is to be present in His Kingdom which exists within you.

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Twelfth Night also known as Epiphany Eve is a festival in some branches of Christianity that takes place on the last night of the Twelve Days of Christmas , marking the coming of the Epiphany. A superstition, in some English-speaking countries, is that it is unlucky to leave Christmas decorations hanging after Twelfth Night, a tradition also variously attached to the festivals of Candlemas 2 February , Good Friday , Shrove Tuesday and Septuagesima.

Everyone would take a piece of this cake and two pieces had a dried pea and bean. Whoever had this in their slice would be royalty for one day no matter their position. However, in some church traditions only full days are counted, so that 5 January is counted as the Eleventh Day, 6 January as the Twelfth Day, and the evening of 6 January is counted as the Twelfth Night.

In the Council of Tours proclaimed that the entire period between Christmas and Epiphany should be considered part of the celebration, creating what became known as the twelve days of Christmas, or what the English called Christmastide. On the last of the twelve days, called Twelfth Night, various cultures developed a wide range of additional special festivities. The variation extends even to the issue of how to count the days. If December 26, the day after Christmas, is the first day, then Twelfth Night falls on January 6, the evening of Epiphany itself.

The Church of England , Mother Church of the Anglican Communion , celebrates Twelfth Night on the 5th and “refers to the night before Epiphany, the day when the nativity story tells us that the wise men visited the infant Jesus”. In , the Council of Tours “proclaimed the twelve days from Christmas to Epiphany as a sacred and festive season, and established the duty of Advent fasting in preparation for the feast.

Federer , states that this was done in order to solve the “administrative problem for the Roman Empire as it tried to coordinate the solar Julian calendar with the lunar calendars of its provinces in the east.

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Please refresh the page and retry. Are you really struck down with bad luck for the rest of the year as the superstition goes? And this is where the confusion lies.

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