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Back Stamp Meito China and appraisal

Lead, at toxic levels, is present in many of the glazes used on vintage china. To be on the safe side, save your heirlooms for use as decoration, not for serving or storing food. Lori Verderame. If you are preparing for holiday dinner parties and you intend to use your grandmother’s antique china plates or your mother’s vintage mixing bowls, here are some tips. I know that some of you are reading this column and saying to yourself, Why do I need Dr.

Lori to tell me how to use my grandmother’s antique china?

of porcelain can be traced back to China. Owing to this fact, it is simply known as china, or fine china. Here’s a peek into the history of hand-painted Meito China​.

Online sites and some retailers offer replacements for your china set, but you first need to identify the name or number of the pattern. Some, but not all, old china contains backstamps, logos or some kind of symbol on the underside of the dinner plates, cup saucers or even bowls. You need to find out who manufactured the china to identify the china pattern.

Once you have an idea as to the manufacturer, you can navigate to its site, if it’s still in business, to find the pattern. Alternatively, compare your china to books or ask for help from a site or retailer that sells replacement pieces. If you can find a date of manufacture or date code, you can narrow down the pattern; some replacement and manufacturer sites list the patterns on their site, or they appear in old catalogs by year of manufacture. Manufacturers often assigned a series of numbers to identify the patterns it produced in each calendar year, which is etched into the backs of plates or cups.

She developed a method for identifying Haviland patterns that consists of a letter and a number, because the company often produced the same pattern in different colors using different blanks.

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The origins of porcelain can be traced back to China. Owing to this fact, it is simply known as china, or fine china. Here’s a peek into the history of hand-painted Meito China. The porcelain made in China was very functional and not intended for decorative purposes. Decorative elements to Oriental porcelain were introduced by Japan, and it became famous as the Imari style of blue and white porcelain.

The Japanese had originally been introduced to these design styles by the Koreans.

A collection of vintage dinnerware by Meito China in the Woodrose pattern dating to the s. These forty-six porcelain dishes are decorated.

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But sometimes looks can be deceiving.

How to Find Old China Patterns

However, the new owners decided to continue with the Meito backstamp. Today, Meito is a still a very popular brand of china and produces four major lines of dinnerware; Asama, Empire, Windsor and Orleans. The most valuable and desired examples of Meito china are one-off plates or mugs that feature beautifully hand-painted scenes. On April 30th at William J. On August 22nd at Burchard Galleries Inc. Sign up for all the latest collecting news, expert blogs and auction lots from around the world.

Twelve Place Settings of Meito China (Thames) – including serving pieces. on Aug 23,

I have seen a mark like the one on your china, but it was from a different distributer. Manufacturing of Meito started in the early s. It was then sold thru several different distributiion companies. The letters on the inside of the stamp above the name Meito also known as Meider is the identification for that company. The writing under the stamp should be the name of the pattern.

I’ve done some research,but I haven’t seen your particular pattern. You might try researching the distribution company. I appreciate the response. I contacted an individual named Angel at Replacements Ltd who responded:. We reviewed your pattern, and there are some differences. The images that you sent us were clear and good quality, so we do not need a physical piece at the time. We were not able to locate a pattern name for your pattern, so we have assigned it a number, and will periodically send you updates.

Dating meito china

The cup and saucer set are made with very fragile bone china; when held up to light, one can see it through the pottery thin. The pottery and design are quality Japanese. I believe these to be Meito Pottery, as I have seen similar lusterware pieces. A lovely set! I have over 10 years experience in online selling and many happy, repeat customers.

You may be assured that once I receive your payment I will ship your item.

In , it began to be heavily reproduced in China. Camelot China American Rose Covered Vegetable Dish Kenwood Salad Plates by Meito China.

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We are happy to arrange the collection of items that you decide to sell at auction, using professional removal companies to bring the items into the saleroom. They will be sent via Royal Mail recorded delivery and insured appropriately. This service is offered at the buyers cost and risk. For larger items, we unfortunately are not able to offer this service, but we can recommend reputable companies and help organise this for you.

MEITO CHINA FISH SERVICE with hand painted decoration of pike in underwater settings within blue. In Two Day Sale of Auction Date.

The markings on fine china are like fingerprints that can lead you to the identity of the manufacturer or the artist, and the piece’s age and origin. Marks may appear as letters, symbols, numbers, dates, logos or even signatures, based on the company or potter who made the item. Fine china generally refers to porcelain or bone china, but may include stoneware or other items known as ceramics.

Markings on fine china may appear as an impressed stamp added to the piece before its first firing and embedded into the clay, a hand-incised mark in the clay, or a mark painted under or over the glaze. Under-glaze marks occur after the first firing, but before the second glaze firing. Fine Chinese china that’s thousands of years old may not have any identifiable markings at all, so you’ll need the services of a professional.

Potteries and manufacturers use a variety of symbols, letters or images to denote their creation of fine china. Also called backstamps , these markings may be found on the bottom of a vase or figurine or on the bottoms of china plates, saucers or cups. English marks, for example, usually feature a crown, a pair of royal lions, a lion and a unicorn, or other such royal symbols. All items imported into the United States since the Tariff Act of require a country of origin mark to identify the country where the item was produced.

For example, Tuscan Fine English Bone China uses those words above a symbol of a crown with two large wings attached to either side of the crown. Fine china dinnerware manufacturers have gotten into the habit of including pattern numbers on the bottoms of cups, saucers and plates to aid in identification of the pattern when you need to replace broken items. Other pieces, such as vases or figurines, may include a number that identifies the mold that was used to make the piece.

The company that first made porcelain china in Europe called itself Meissen, and is now known as Meissen Couture more than three centuries later.

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